Robotic Mayhem in April

April, aka RoboMonth. Home to National Robotics Week and pretty much all the major robotics championship. Here’s a rough roundup of competitions across the country:

VEX World Championship
April 18-21 – Anaheim, CA
The championship for the robotics kit found in classrooms throughout the world.

April 20-22 – San Mateo, CA
The biggest fighting robot event around, along with other great robotics events.

FIRST Championship
April 25-28 – St. Louis, MO
Grand finale for Dean Kamen’s robotics event. Last years competition was featured on TV with

USATL (BattleBots and BotsIQ)
April 27-29 – Miami Beach, FL
Can’t wait for Robogeddon? Check out the original fighting robots as the BattleBox makes its return to the STEM Tech Olympiad, for high school, college, and professional division battles.

This is where I’ll be, along with some of the teams from the film, some now battling in the college division.