Follow the History of the Teams in Bots High

Bots High takes place over the 2009-2010 school year.¬†Unsurprisingly, the teams had a history before and after the time the film takes place (2011 Epilogue now in the DVD!). So to expand the scope and add some cool context and backstory to the Oct 6 screening day, I’ve been tracing the history of each team in the film each week in the newsletter.

So far we’ve heard about how Will from Ransom first built a robot in 6th grade, went up against a senior team, and won. Just now we explored freshman year of My Mechanical Romance’s Liz and Danielle, when they first get introduced to robotics.

I’m using Storify to compile this narrative, and updating as I release new stories via newsletter. But the newsletter goes more in depth with longer anecdotal stories.

So catch up and check out the history of the teams on the Storify page, and signup for the newsletter to get a weekly update about a team or robot in the film, leading up to October 6.