Robot Battle Vid – Grasshopper vs Witch Doctor in Slow Motion

This has been online for a few weeks, I just forgot to post it on the blog (which is why you should like Bots High on Facebook, because there’s where I post everything first).

It’s from the 2011 BattleBots IQ tournament, which happened last month. 120 lb. open division – last year’s champ Witch Doctor vs. Grasshopper, Jim Smentowski’s robot, who also did BattleBots champ Nightmare. He also runs Robot MarketPlace.

The first video I posted was more of a teaser – the raw footage from Sir Cam-a-bot, my Flip camera crash house. I died laughing when I watched it – it’s like something from a cartoon.

The first video of the full fight was shot in slow motion at 60 fps.

Get all the videos on YouTube.