Fighting Robots Documentary Bots High Premieres on the Big Screen

Crowd watches Bots High

Last Saturday was the World Premiere of Bots High! It was a great screening at the Paragon Theater in Coconut Grove – lots of laughs, great reaction.

Questions and Answers after the screening with cast and crew

Q&A after the screening with Bob Dubard, Gaby, Camilla, Alex, Will, Editor Andrew Hevia and Director Joey Daoud


Afterwards we had a Q&A (Elizabeth and Danielle were away at school). My favorite question – a little boy asked if it was fake. Nope, no mockumentary here!

Bots High stars

The "cast" of Bots High - Win, Gaby, Director Joey Daoud, Camilla, Will, and Alex

Want to watch the film? There’s two screenings coming up in April and I’m trying to put something together in Austin next week. Follow Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.