Bots High Gets Color

I’m in New York now, getting ready to color time Bots High. What’s color timing? Basically a colorist and I sit down and go through the film shot by shot and adjust the image. For a stylized film (like horror or fantasy), you can go really crazy with coloring and create a very specific ‘look’ for the film.

For Bots High, a documentary, what I’m most concerned with is making the shots match. A lot of the film was shot with different cameras, and they all had different color settings when they recorded. Some have an orange hue, others are a little dark. What the colorist will do is make those shots match. The rest of the film will still get colored, just to make the overall image ‘pop’ more.

It’s ironic that I find myself back in New York to finish the film. About 18 month ago I was in New York with some photos in a show. I had just graduated and I was getting asked what I was going to do next. “I know some high schools build fighting robots in Miami. I might do a documentary on that.”

A year and a half later that film is almost done.

Location:E 9th St,New York,United States