The President Never Misses a Chance to See Cool Robots

‎”I never miss a chance to see cool robots”
-President Obama

Above is a video of a speech the President gave during the White House’s Science Fair. In attendance were the Mythbusters Adam and Jamie and Bill Nye the Science Guy (it seemed like a sequel to the Preisdent’s STEM speech).

Some interesting highlights: Obama said he recorded a special appearance on an upcoming Mythbusters episode. Also, he said the most common college degree of S&P 500 CEOs was not finance or business but engineering.

But what he said that I found most interesting was this:

It was interesting, when I was talking to some folks…how did you first enter a robotics contest? And a lot of times it turned out that a young person had been inspired because they had seen some older kid involved in a robotics contest.

That’s exactly what I hope to achieve with Bots High. A kid somewhere watches the film and sees that kids like them build awesome robots and they can do it too.