Fast, Cheap, and Good – Making a Quality Robot Movie

So a lot of people have been asking me how long until the film is done. When I tell them probably early November, their reply is usually “what’s taking so long?”, especially when they know there’s a rough cut done.

There’s a saying in filmmaking, though it could pretty much apply to any large project. For your project you want everything to be good, fast, and cheap, however you can only have two.

If you want the film to be good and fast, it won’t be cheap (i.e. any Hollywood movie, and even then it might not be fast…or good). In my case I want Bots High to be good and cheap, so therefore it won’t be fast. There’s a lot to be done – animation, titles, music, sound design, color grading, plus future podcasts and video clips – and there isn’t a massive team working on it. And with editor Andrew (above) moving on to other projects, it’s basically been myself sitting in front of the computer trying different music and tweaking edits, before animation is done, picture is locked (editing officially done) and the movie is sent to the sound designers.

In future posts I’ll go into more detail on the post-production process, because I’m sure even at the mention of sound design there was some confusion, and hopefully I can shed some light onto the process.