Bots High in Robot Magazine (And Welcome to Robot Mag Readers!)

For those that are subscribed to Robot Magazine, check out the November/December issue for a four page article on Bots High! If you’re not subscribed, the issue should be hitting newsstands soon (along with an excerpt online – I’ll post the link when it’s up).

If you’ve found yourself here because you just read the article, then welcome! Bots High is a documentary I’ve been working on for over a year. I’m currently wrapping up editing, and then the film will be sent off to get the sound and image polished. It’ll hit the festival circuit early next year.

Here are ways to stay connected with the film:

  • Newsletter – Sign-up for the newsletter. Frequency is about once a month, if that, so you won’t be getting bombarded with emails. This is also the best way to find out about screenings and DVD releases.
  • Facebook Page – Most of the updates I post are here, along with links to cool things I find online.
  • Twitter – I post a lot of updates here too
  • YouTube & Vimeo – There are a few podcasts up. As editing the actual documentary comes to an end, more podcasts will start coming up. In a way they’ll be mini-documentaries. I shot over 100 hours of footage. 1% of that made it into the film. There’s lots of little side stories that just couldn’t fit into the film, and they’ll be put online.

Thanks for checking out the film! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.