Help Fund Bots High – The Robotics Documentary

Bots High – Robotics Documentary – Teaser Trailer from Joey Daoud on Vimeo.

We’re about 4 weeks away from the grand finale – the National High School BattleBots Championship. So far I’ve mostly been filming everything myself, but this time I’m bringing in more crew, more cameras, more epicness – to do things right and make sure everything is covered.

However, the epicness does not come cheap, which is why I started a Kickstarter project. Basically Kickstarter is a cool way to fund projects where people pledge money to reach a goal, and that money is only deducted from your account if the project is fully funded.

So the project is to raise funds to film the championship with multi-cameras, and also to travel to San Francisco to film the regular BattleBots competition, which has an open class where some of the high school teams will compete. Plus I want to interview the cool people out in SF.

So please check out the Bots High Kickstarter page and consider becoming a backer. Like PBS, there’s different rewards for different levels. You can get a DVD, poster, t-shirt, associate producer credit, and all sorts of other stuff.

Thanks for your support (I need it)!