Miami Science Museum Competition

This past Sunday was a task competition at the Miami Science Museum. A ring is filled with 10 red and 10 blue balloons, and the task is to design a robot to pop an assigned color, plus a white balloon on the back of your opponent, while preventing yours from being popped.

While this isn’t the main focus of the documentary, it was still a lot of fun and lots of the teams that participated have or will be building robots for BattleBots.

The top two teams were from Columbus. Actually, they were the same team and decided to split their odds and build two robots. Seems to have paid off.

The team in third place has one of the best stories. They’ve only been doing robotics for a few months, beginning from a workshop held over the summer (I feel bad, I forgot what school they’re from).

Here’s a video from a camera I stuck in the heart of BatBot, made by Mechanical Misfits:

Bot Cam on Bat Bot from Joey Daoud on Vimeo.

And here’s a stylized video from a match shot in slow motion:

Robot Dance in Slow Motion from Joey Daoud on Vimeo.

The robot with the syringes ended up coming in first place, while the other robot came in third.

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