Bots High – BattleBots in High School


Remember BattleBots? The TV show where two remote controlled robots would enter a weaponized arena and fight it out for 3 minutes or until one stopped moving.

Well, even though the show ended, the competitions have continued. More so, there’s a whole high school division where teams of high school students build and compete with the same size robots and rules of BattleBots, and that’s what Bots High is about.

Bots High is a documentary that will follow multiple high school teams in South Florida throughout the school year as they design, build, and then compete in the BattleBots National Championship in April. Think Mad Hot Ballroom with robots.

This site will take you through the process of making the film, as well as serve as an expansion of the documentary itself, offering videos, photos, articles, interviews, and more.

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