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Bots High is a critically acclaimed, award winning feature length documentary following high school BattleBots competitors. Funny, smart, and inspiring, these kids navigate high school, adolescence, and first love while reducing enemy bots to shards of scrap metal.

This film features many of the competitors now on the ABC show BattleBots!

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Bots High is funny, interesting…inspiring to see a film where smart kids are allowed to use their smartness for something exciting and explosive.

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Some kids play football in school. Other kids build bone-crushing combat robots with the expressed purpose of dismembering competing bots in thrilling caged-death matches. This film is about kids in the latter group.

Bots High follows three teams of high school robotics geeks who build and battle their way to a national robotics competition in Miami. Our heroes include genius inventor Will, who constructs seemingly indestructible bots that unfortunately self-destruct (sometimes in a cloud of smoke and flames), and My Mechanical Romance, a team of Catholic school girls who stand out amid male bot participants with a combination of beauty, brains, and fashion sense.

Funny, smart, and inspiring, these kids navigate high school, adolescence, and first love while reducing enemy bots to shards of scrap metal. Go inside what it takes to build a robot, from design and execution to split second repairs in the pit between matches.

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From Bots High to BattleBots

Even though BattleBots was off the air, the competitions continued. Bots High culminates in the 2010 national competition, plus an extra feature checking in with the characters in 2011. But now that the bots are back on ABC, a few of the characters documented in Bots High are duking it out in the BattleBox on TV. You might say Bots High is their origin story. Here’s some of the characters from Bots High that are on BattleBots.

Will & Alex

Before they were team HyperShock, Will & Alex were the creators of Fluffy, the not very cuddly robot that occasionally bursts into flames from its own power. Will is one of the main subjects in Bots High as it follows his path in building bigger, faster, and more powerful robots…if only he can stop procrastinating and helping the opposing girls team.


Creator of the powerful Icewave, Marc served as mentor to Liz and Danielle on My Mechanical Romance, the other featured team in Bots High.

Witch Doctor

Before it was shooting flames, the very first version of Witch Doctor made its debut at the national competition in Bots High, tossing robots into the walls of the arena.

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If you thought R2D2 and 3CPO were cool, imagine being a teenager who makes real robots. How cool would that be? Pretty darn cool if you ask me. Better yet, “Bots High” doesn’t make robotics a boys club; it also focuses two teams that are all-girls.

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Meet the Teams

Fluffy & El Cholo

Will, a student a Ransom-Everglades and “Chief Engineer” of the robotics team, builds robots so powerful they tend to burst into flames or self destruct. Sometimes they also destroy their opponent. Joined by teammates Alex and Tyler, their most famous robot is Fluffy and its predecessors.

My Mechanical Romance

With their combination of brains and beauty, Elizabeth and Danielle are a force to be reckoned with and stand out in a mostly guy world. Representing Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and mentored by Marc DeVidts, My Mechanical Romance has been competing in the 120 lb. division since their junior year, first with Teenager and later with Famous Last Words.


Mechanical Misfits

The Mechanical Misfits, an all girls sophomore team, navigate the difficulties from transitioning from task robots to building their first 15 lb. BattleBot. With a large team of eight girls, their biggest challenge may be staying focused.

Production Team

Filmmaker Joey Daoud

Joey Daoud

Director & Producer

Joey Daoud is a documentary producer, director, and cinematographer based in Miami Beach, FL. His short documentary Strike: The Greatest Bowling Story of Ever Told was the inaugural film on The New York Times’ brand new Made with Kickstarter documentary series. He is also the co-creator of the award winning short doc Dolphin Lover, which received international attention and was satirized on Comedy Central and Bravo. Other projects include Papa Machete, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, and the feature documentary Bots High. His work has appeared on The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Guardian, The Economist, Fusion, Filmmaker Magazine and other media outlets. Joey is an avid coffee drinker and explorer of the outdoors.

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